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2013 Honda CR-V EXL Navigation SUV

2013 Honda CR-V Review

(0 Stars)  The Honda of compact SUVs.

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New For 2013
The CR-V is unchanged for 2013 after a full redesign for 2012.
Honda’s CR-V was redesigned for 2012, but fans of the cute ute will immediately recognize it as a “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle.” As always, interior fit and finish is admirable, and the controls are straightforward and easy to use (although the upper models’ navigation system has a rather dated look and feel). The crossover continues to be powered by the same 2.4-liter in-line four-cylinder engine (and five-speed transmission) from the previous generation, but it has been modified to provide better power and better fuel economy. The engine now makes 185 hp, and engineers have eked out between one and three more mpg over the last generation, but the car sacrifices little in the name of saving fuel. It’s punchy if not quick, and although the five-speed transmission languishes behind the competition in the number of forward gears, its responsiveness and shift smoothness are still near if not at the top of the segment. Steering and grip are admirable as well. The CR-V’s convenience features are its greatest strengths, however. The rear cargo area’s load floor is quite low, and drivers can fold the 60/40-split rear seat remotely with levers mounted to either side of the trunk. All in all, the CR-V proves to be a well-thought-out, well-executed mix of sport and utility, something we’ve come to expect from Honda.

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2013 CR-V EX-L Navigation Sport Utility Vehicle Overview

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'13 Honda EXL Navigation SUV Standard Equipment

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