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2013 Ford E-150 Base Cargo Van

2013 Ford E-150 Review

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When space and dependability are necessary, one of the first vehicles most people look for is a full-size van. In its final model year, the 2013 Ford E-150 has plenty going for it. It is available in a variety of configurations, making it a worthwhile choice for almost anyone in need of a van. It can easily do the job as a passenger van or cargo vehicle, and has optional door choices available to ensure the right function. While it is a bit sparse on the inside, the E-150 offers outfitting options sure to meet the needs of any family or organization with a strong need for heavy-duty transport. The fuel economy is naturally not going to make anyone giddy with glee, but overall the E-150 could fit the bill for anyone looking for solidly constructed and attractive full-size van.

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2013 E-150 Base Cargo Van Vehicle Overview

  Performance Review  
Engine: 4.6L V 8 OHC
E85 / unleaded fuel
Fuel economy: Gasoline 9 MPG city, 12 MPG highway, 10 MPG combined and 330 mi. range
Multi-point fuel injection
33.0gallon fuel tank
Power (SAE): 225 hp @ 4,800 rpm; 286 ft lb of torque @ 3,500 rpm
Secondary fuel economy:

'13 Ford Base Cargo Van Standard Equipment

Standard Equipment Data Coming Soon

We are currently still collecting latest 2013 Ford E-150 Base Cargo Van standard equipment data. Please check back soon for updated data.
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