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2010 Tesla Roadster Sport

2010 Tesla Roadster Review

(4 Stars)  All the promise and pitfalls of battery-electric propulsion

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The Tesla roadster has captured the hearts of all environmentally friendly car buffs. It offers something truly unique in a world where car models are often differentiated only by the sheet metal that covers them or a few dozen maximum horsepower. The Tesla Roadster is the first true electric sports car. It is loosely based on the Lotus Elise platform but in place of its engine, it sports a powerful electric motor. This motor is powered by a 7000 cell lithium ion battery pack.

The two biggest complaints about electric vehicles in the past have often performance and range. The Tesla addresses both of these, with 0-60 times of 3.9 seconds and a range of 220 miles. The battery can be recharged in 6 hours, or 3.5 with the quick charge system. The only real caveat about liking the Tesla is the price of admission at 100000, that's right, to drive green and go fast, you have to pay 6 figures to do so. That combined with problems associated with the choice of the Elise as a starting point can be daunting.

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2010 Roadster Sport Roadster Vehicle Overview

  Performance Review  
Electric fuel
Power (SAE): 288 hp @ 4,400 rpm; 295 ft lb of torque @ 5,100 rpm

'10 Tesla Sport Standard Equipment

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