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2010 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Sport

2010 Mitsubishi Eclipse Review

(3 Stars)  More engaging to look at than drive

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The Mitsubishi Eclipse doesn't have the same competition it used to. In its long production cycle it battled head to head with the likes of the Toyota Celica, Acura RSX, and the Honda Prelude. Those have all gone the way of the dinosaur, with the eclipse left hanging on as the last of the inexpensive, high performance sport coupes. While the current generation's style can be seen as somewhat over the top, it helps them to stand out among other cars on the road. It remains a statement of style on the road to this day. However, it's performance hasn't kept up with the times as well as its looks.

With the 2.4 liter four cylinder base engine only capable of producing 162 HP, it's not going to sling the Eclipse along with much authority, nor does it sip fuel, combined with its four speed automatic transmission, it comes up short with a 23mpg combines rating. The Eclipse GT comes with a more powerful, V-6 engine displacing 3.6 liters and generating 265HP. However, the engine requires premium fuel and shifted through its 5 speed auto returns 19mpg combined fuel economy.

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2010 Eclipse GS-Sport Coupe Vehicle Overview

  Performance Review  
Engine: 2.4L in-linefour-cylinder OHC with variable valve timing and four valves per cylinder
Unleaded fuel
Fuel economy: EPA (08):, 20 MPG city, 27 MPG highway, 23 MPG combined and 407 mi. range
Multi-point fuel injection
17.7gallon fuel tank
Power (SAE): 162 hp @ 6,000 rpm; 162 ft lb of torque @ 4,000 rpm

'10 Mitsubishi GS Sport Standard Equipment

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