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2010 Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe

2010 Ferrari 458 Italia Review

(5 Stars)  A sports car worthy of a Shakespearean sonnet

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Ferrari has been making some of the most visually appealing and powerful sports cars in the world for many years now. The 201 458 Italia is no different, this gorgeous looking car offers a totally new design that is possible one of the most attractive that has ever been put together by the Ferrari team. This very sexy car comes with all the heavy duty rubber burning power equipment that you would expect from a Ferrari and packages it very nicely inside of an amazing looking body.

The V-8 engine in this car uses a combination of direct injection and high compression to crank out an amazing 557 horsepower from its 4.5 liter motor. This vehicle does run at extremely high RPMs as most Ferrari's are meant to, so yes when this one is getting driven it does have the high pitch scream that owners have become accustomed to hearing. This supercar comes with a 7 speed dual clutch automatic transmission that lets the driver accelerate shift free or at free will. The suspension on this machine uses the most high tech configuration to outperform any other standard configuration. The Magnetorheological shocks use a set of magnets and electricity to produce an unbeatable suspension performance.

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2010 458 Italia Base Coupe Vehicle Overview

  Performance Review  
Engine: 4.5L V 8 DOHC and variable valve timing
Premium unleaded fuel
Fuel economy: Gasoline:, 12 MPG city and 18 MPG highway
Gasoline direct fuel injection
22.7gallon fuel tank
Power (SAE): 562 hp @ 9,000 rpm; 398 ft lb of torque @ 6,000 rpm

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'10 Ferrari Coupe Standard Equipment

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