Resale: $12,570
Value: N N/A
MPG: 15 city/19 hwy
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2006 Chevy Tahoe LS SUV Loan Calculator

06 Tahoe LS SUV Loan Calculator

Vehicle Costs & Credits
Vehicle Sales Price (Before Customer Cash Rebate)
Sales Tax*
+ $
% = $
Title, Registration, & Other Costs + $
Customer Cash Rebate - $
Cash Down Payment - $
My Trade-In Value - $
Market Finance Rate (APR)
Finance Term (months)  
Total Amount to be Financed $0
My Monthly Payment (tax included) $0
* Excludes any local supplement. Sales tax rates and the method of application vary by locality - for example, local regulations may permit you to deduct the value of your trade-in prior to calculating the sales tax on your new vehicle sales price; consult your local dealer for details.
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