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2013 Ford E-350

2013 Ford E-350 Review

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For over 50 years, the Ford E-Series cargo van has been the answer for both commercial and personal drivers who need a reliable vehicle to get lots of cargo and occasionally lots of passengers where they needed to go. Ford has always known how to build a sturdy driving machine, and that knowhow works perfectly for the E-Series. So perfectly that the Ford E-350 Super Duty cargo van and its brethren have changed very little over the years, and frankly, that’s just the way cargo van fans have liked it.

The 2013 Ford E-350 is the big daddy of the E-Series, more capable than the starter E-150 or the E-250. Though both of those models can do the job for most people’s needs, the E-350 can do it all. There’s a reason they call it the Super Duty. Depending on your needs, your 2013 Ford E-350 can be commercial style, with side panels or with a more personal design, featuring windows in the rear sides of the van. You can also convert your E-350 to a passenger van which seats up to 15. You’ll also need to choose whether you want to go with the standard, 212-inch fan or the extended 232-inch version. That extra 20 inches gives you more storage space at the cost of a bit of hauling power. If you’re managing a fleet of vans, consider the optional Crew Chief System, a monitoring system that helps you keep tabs on usage, maintenance, and other costs for your vans.

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