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Resale: $65,777
Value: Below Average Below Average
MPG: 14 city/20 hwy

2013 BMW M5

2013 BMW M5 Review

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You wouldn't touch up an Annie Leibovitz photo, so why would you mod a 2013 BMW M5? That question nagged at us as we drove to Oberlin, Ohio, to visit Switzer Performance. The company is best known for its wicked quick GT-Rs, which are still its bread and butter, but owner Tym Switzer wanted to build something with four-doors. His quarry? The new BMW M5. The fact that we were driving an absolutely brilliant, stock 2013 BMW M5 with a six-speed manual transmission made that nagging question resurface continually. Just a voice inside our head, asking, "You wouldn't cut a Harmony Korine film, so why would you mod a BMW M5?"

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Ezra Dyer pits the Tesla Model S against the BMW M5 in a drag race during Automobile Magzine's 2013 Automobile of the Year testing. 

2013 BMW M5 Reviews

2013 Switzer P700 BMW M5 First Drive 2013 Switzer P700 BMW M5 First Drive
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