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2013 Bentley Continental Flying Spur

2013 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Review

(0 Stars)  Performance that would do a supercar proud.

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New For 2013
There are no significant changes for 2013, since an all-new Flying Spur is coming soon. A new navigation and entertainment system came on stream last year, and Series 51, the “innovative and exclusive range of recommended combinations created by Bentley’s color and trim designers,” is available starting at $9070.
The Continental Flying Spur sedan is a long-wheelbase version of the Continental GT coupe and convertible. Unlike those two-door models, which have recently been redone, the Flying Spur is based on the first-generation Continental, dating to 2003, so it’s no surprise that the much newer, more expensive, more exclusive Mulsanne has overshadowed it. Although Bentley remains coy on the subject, a new Flying Spur is surely on its way, with sales likely to commence in 2014, so this is perhaps the last year for this model. The all-wheel-drive Flying Spur’s claim to fame is that it manages, like all Bentleys, to overcome the laws of physics. Although it’s big and heavy, its mighty twin-turbo W-12 engine propels it to speeds that would do any lightweight, carbon-fiber supercar proud: 194 mph in the Flying Spur and an incredible 200 mph in the Flying Spur Speed. With a sumptuous and spacious cabin that’s lined with richly detailed leather, wood inlays, and lamb’s-wool carpets, this effectively means that the Flying Spur is a $200,000, 200-mph living room. And it’s actually fairly discreet. Unlike the Mulsanne, which screams “I’m rich,” the Flying Spur can slip through traffic largely unnoticed; many people perceive it as just another luxury car and have no idea that it costs twice as much as a Mercedes-Benz S-class.

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