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MPG: 27 city/33 hwy

2012 Scion xD

2012 Scion xD Review

(0 Stars)  A smaller, slightly cheaper sibling to the xB

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The Scion xD is the brand's least-expensive offering, cheaper than the xB by about $1000. When it stepped in to replace the xA, the xD adopted the same box-on-wheels look as its pricier xB sibling, but as similar as they look, the xD is quite a bit smaller. It's more than a foot shorter from nose to tail, is lower and narrower, and rides on a shorter wheelbase. Interior space is not nearly as generous either, but the xD at least has the gauges in front of the driver rather than mounted in the center of the dashboard. The xD has a smaller engine than the xB. The 1.8-liter four makes 128 hp--not bad for this segment--and it has 400 fewer pounds to lug around than does the xB's larger engine. Unfortunately, the xD shares the same two transmission choices as its larger sibling: a vague-shifting five-speed manual and an automatic that has only four speeds (nowadays, six-speed automatics are not uncommon in this class). As you'd expect given the smaller size, smaller engine, and lighter weight, the xD's fuel economy easily exceeds that of the xB. As with all Scions, the list of available accessories and upgrades is long and includes mechanical items (suspension and brakes) as well as the expected wheels and visual accessories. Scion offers several audio system upgrades and even a factory navigation system (although it's pricey at nearly $2000).

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