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Resale: $23,404
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MPG: 16 city/23 hwy

2012 Lincoln MKS

2012 Lincoln MKS Review

(0 Stars)  An aging flagship.

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Lincoln introduced the MKS to the world before the Mercury brand was killed. At the time, Lincoln and Mercury models were competing with each other for the same small share of Ford's attention. Now that Lincoln stands alone as Ford's premium brand, we've been promised a significantly upgraded MKS flagship sedan. Unfortunately, it will not appear until 2013 at the earliest. The MKS doesn't feel significantly different from the Ford Taurus that shares many of its mechanical parts. Available all-wheel drive is a great feature for consumers in the Snow Belt, and the EcoBoost direct-injected turbocharged engine really helps the MKS get up and go, but the big sedan doesn't feel nearly as luxurious as its Japanese and German competitors. Nothing in the steering, ride, or handling departments is exceptional, and the car is better at floating over road imperfections than going for a spirited drive. There are all sorts of technological features -- HD Radio, Active Park Assist (a fancy name for automated parallel parking), and radar-based adaptive cruise control, to name a few -- that might delight the more tech-savvy consumer, but virtually all of these features are available on the competition. If you're looking for a soft ride in a large car, the MKS might fill the bill.

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