Resale: $17,703
Value: Not Available Not Available
MPG: 23 city/29 hwy

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2008 Jeep patriot
I took my 2008 Jeep in today for an oilchange and found out I had a leaking battery. :mad: But the... more
Cars that just don't make sense to me...
Your way off with the BMW 6 series. I think its gorgeous. I of course haven't had a chance to drive... more
Jeep To Get Into Pick Up World??
I'd like to see a Jeep midsize truck. Call it the Camanche (like the old one). Give it the... more
M-B's Bruno Sacco Q and A - Who else should we talk to?
People to interview: Tom Gale, Chip Foose, Wolfgang Reitzle, Alex Trotman (and his famous quote... more
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