Resale: $11,659
Value: Not Available Not Available
MPG: 29 city/35 hwy

2011 Toyota Yaris Consumer Discussions

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Nice,huh. Suddenly the Toyota Prius,Yaris,Honda Civic Hybrid and standard and Honda Fit all look... more
When high gas prices are a good thing...
Toyota diesels especially the Corolla Verso D4D.The Yaris SR with the Corolla 1.8 would be sweet... more
What other cars need an ACR version like the Viper?
It's svxSTi, as in Subaru. You lost me on the Hyundai, although I've been thinking about a Toyota... more
Mazda 2 coming to fight Honda Fit?
probably. the miata is a sports car, the open-roader type of machine. if the mazda 2 is imported,... more
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