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MPG: 18 city/21 hwy
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2011 Toyota Tacoma

2011 Toyota Tacoma Review

(4 Stars)  Versatile pickup that keeps growing

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The Toyota Tacoma is the compact line of trucks. These smaller but still very powerful trucks offer a lot of value and huge amount of trim levels to meet every customer's needs. The Tacoma has been around since 1969 under various names, it has when through countless body style changes and many different engines through the years. The current rendition of this classic compact truck offers a 2.7 liter engine that puts out 159 horsepower matched with a 5 speed manual transmission. The biggest engine offered in this model is a V-6 that puts out 236 horsepower which almost seems like overkill in a truck this small, but really is needed when pulling a sizeable or heavy load. The Tacoma come standard with a rear wheel drive but there is an optional 4WD upgrade that many will find necessary for serious off road action.

This compact truck comes in many different trim levels including the popular off road package and the TRD supercharger levels which really crank up the engine and suspension used. The Tacoma base price is $16,365 but can go much higher when you add on all the extras.

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2011 Toyota Tacoma Reviews

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