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MPG: 33 city/41 hwy

2011 smart fortwo

2011 smart fortwo Review

(2 Stars)  Fashionable, but not the best value

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8 feet 10 inches long. That is the smallest production car sold in the US. After watching it in its first iteration as the City Coupe, which launched in Europe only in 1997 we finally have a Smart car in the US. BMW has its Mini and Mercedes has its Smart. There may be no better vehicle to carve through city congestion without giving up the convenience of a car. There may also be no vehicle which can be owned by the masses and will attract more attention from onlookers. This tiny car attracts attention like an Italian sports car.

Tiny is hardly even the way to describe this car. A good measure is that it is four and a half feet shorter than a new VW Beetle or three feet shorter than a Mini. Despite this diminutive size, the Four two manages to maintain one of the highest levels of safety for a compact car in side impacts. Intense engineering was responsible for this, though there was little to be done for front impacts, where the Smart only gets middling ratings.

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2011 smart fortwo Reviews

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