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2011 Jaguar XF

2011 Jaguar XF Review

(4 Stars)  Stylish, but needs polishing

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The Jaguar XF was brought to the Jaguar line up in 2008 and was built to replace the old S-Type body style. The styling that the XF has brought is one of the most popular new designs from Jaguar and the popularity of the XF has led to a new trend of sty changes throughout the Jaguar family. The newly designed XF and XFR come in sedan and coupe models. This vehicle has put Jaguar back on top with a very luxurious and powerfully equipped sedan. The highly tuned chassis offers an amazingly smooth ride and a high performance driving machine.

The standard engine in the XF delivers 385 horsepower from a 5.0 liter V-8. There is also a supercharged version of this same engine that offers a huge 510 horsepower that really puts this sedan in the sports car class and has enough power from top to bottom to make this car feel like a supercar. The Jaguar XF is a sleek styled, luxury ridden powerhouse that is hidden in an innocent looking 4 door car. This car is not technically the flagship model form Jaguar, but then who's counting.

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