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Resale: $22,677
Value: Below Average Below Average
MPG: 15 city/20 hwy

2011 Honda Ridgeline

2011 Honda Ridgeline Review

(3 Stars)  Solid, unorthodox, not a player

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The Ridgeline won the Truck of the Year Award from Motortrend in 2006 because of the out of the box thinking that really make this new truck great. The Ridgeline is far from a standard work truck and this is not what Honda had intended to build. The Ridgline does offer an all wheel drive system that allows for a constant 4 wheel drive performance, unfortunately this also equates to a substantial loss in the mileage department. The ridgeline is a also a little behind the leader of the pack in towing capability, the low tow weight limits may affect some, but the target buyer for the Ridgeline is not a person looking for a hard working truck, but those who are looking for a vehicle that offers car like handling and has a very flexible storage solution for moving some big objects from time to time.

This compact sized truck may be overpriced, but it does bring the quality and craftsmanship that Honda has become known for, to a real truck. The Ridgeline has to fixing to do, but offers a strong package right out of the gate.

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