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Resale: $17,122
Value: Excellent Excellent
MPG: 21 city/27 hwy

2011 Honda CR-V

2011 Honda CR-V Review

(4 Stars)  Clever packaging meets honest performance

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Honda CRV brings a strong unibody design to the 2011 SUV lineup from Honda. This compact crossover SUV offers a very clever design and is one of the most competitive models in its class. This is not a big SUV, but its small form factor helps keep its price down and makes it available to many more people at a lower investment. The attention to detail and very smart packaging has made the CRV one of the more popular compact crossovers on the market. The interior cubic footage classifies this vehicle as a large sedan, but it does not look anything like a classically designed sedan. In fact the CRV has a taller SUV styling that takes advantages of many sexy curves and looks that are barrowed from much larger SUV designs.

The CRV base model sells for only $21,695 and this seems to be a completive price point compared to other smaller crossover models. The 2.4 liter engine in the CRV crossover allows for plenty of acceleration and offers a very reliable long lasting performance, as in all Honda models.

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