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MPG: 18 city/28 hwy

2011 BMW Z4

2011 BMW Z4 Review

(3 Stars)  Enjoyable drive, but not BMW's best

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The BMW is a very competent little sports coupe that only seats two, but offers some very nice open road power. The coupe is more for cruising and enjoying the ride and no so much for storage and features. BMW understands this and has built in only the bare necessities when it comes to interior features. The main engineering in this little pocket rocket is in the ride and the overall driving experience. There are few changes to the body since last year's model, but the engine has received some revisions. Now with a 3.0 liter I-6 instead of a twin turbo, the driver will notice almost no difference in performance, but there is a noticeable increase in fuel economy due to the increased air intake flow.

This soft top roadster is a very small and very fast car. Because of the very light weight this vehicle gets away with a smaller engine that some of its competitors. The price of the vehicle is an issue for some, because this car can only carry 2 passengers the $60,000 + price tag may be a little rich for some peoples blood.

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