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Resale: $16,331
Value: Excellent Excellent
MPG: 20 city/31 hwy

2010 Volvo V50

2010 Volvo V50 Review

(4 Stars)  Volvo's cheapest - and most compact - wagon

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The V50 is starting to look a little old, the same body has been in production for quite a few years and still offers a great deal of value in a compact wagon, but is well overdue for an update. Volvo has built much of it reputation on its high safety standards and this station wagon does implement many of its best features in this department. The same foundation on this model has been used for over 7 years, but there have been some minor tweaks along the way to keep it current.

This five passenger wagon can offer an amazing amount of storage when it is not being used to transport the family by folding the back seats down. This is an option that allows it to compete with some other small crossover models that cost much more. The V50 starts under $30,000 and the base model comes with a supercharged inline 5 cylinder engine offering 227 horsepower. There are other small station wagons that offer more, but the package Volvo has put together in this model make a great deal for anybody looking for a safe option for a family vehicle that also can offer a huge amount of stow away room.

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