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MPG: 21 city/29 hwy
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2010 Volvo S40

2010 Volvo S40 Review

(4 Stars)  Still attractive despite its age

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The Volvo S40 is the economy sedan from Volvo. It is the cheapest in Volvos line of luxury sedans and has a base price of only $27,750 which makes it a very affordable option to many American sedans and may even offer a lower sticker price than many. The biggest difference between the S40 and the others in the S series from Volvo is the much smaller size. It is comparable to the size of the Toyota Corolla and this means that the rear seat is not going to offer near as much leg room as the S80 but this is part of the tradeoff that has to be made to achieve such an affordable price. This car is a great for city driving and short trips, but does not offer many of the accommodations that drivers would want for long road trips.

The base engine in this Volvo is an in line 5 cylinder 2.4 liter engine that only offers 168 horsepower. The optional turbocharged engine offers about 60 more horsepower and can make a substantial difference in the overall handling and performance of this small sedan. All trim levels can be equipped with a standard 5 speed manual transmissions or an optional 6 speed automatic.

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