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2010 Scion xB

2010 Scion xB Review

(3 Stars)  A grown-up box

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Toyota created the Scion brand to attract younger buyers and to that end, they have been wildly successful. The model that set the tone for the company was xB, originally a renaming of a current Toyota model sold in Japan, it was updated in 2007 to better serve its American market. In the process, it grew in length by over a foot and picked up nearly 600 lbs. This plumping up of the model was not taken well by many of its fans. However, the changes do make the xB a more useful, more real car like vehicle. The new, larger engine also makes the acceleration more likable.

The Scion is propelled by the same 158 HP 2.4 liter four cylinder that powers the TC and the base Camry. It gets slightly worse EPA estimated fuel economy than the previous version, but it remains very respectable at 22mpg city and 28mpg highway. This is combined with far better acceleration than the previous iteration.

Driving impressions of the xB suggest that the changes for the second generation were a full success. At speed, the new model is much more stable than the previous model.

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2010 Scion xB Reviews

2010 Scion xB 2010 Scion xB
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