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2010 Rolls Royce Phantom

2010 Rolls Royce Phantom Review

(5 Stars)  The ultimate automotive extravagance

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The flagship in the Rolls Royce line has worn the Phantom moniker for many years now. And while prior to the current generation Phantom, Rolls Royce was garnering the reputation of being old world luxury sleds with all the technology of a model T. BMW, who owns Rolls Royce announced a all new Phantom would be coming to customers in 2003. Many in the automotive and financial markets dismissed this as the kind of press release to be found after a new owner comes to the table. This however, was soon shown to be unfounded as BMW brought a grandiose jewel of a luxury automobile to the table meeting all the expectations of what should be in a Rolls Royce flagship.

It may not have the most techno gizmos in the ultra luxury segment, but it certainly offers the most old world charm, mixed with technology aplenty. Top quality leather and wood abound.

This 6000 lb. statement on wheels sprawls to a nearly 20 ft. length and an extended wheelbase model adds another 10 inches to that. Riding on a supple air suspension system, the performance of the big Rolls is a surprise. It features massive, powerful brakes that bring this freight train mass to a stop in superb fashion.

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