Resale: $65,068
Value: Not Available Not Available
MPG: 16 city/21 hwy

2010 Nissan GT-R Consumer Discussions

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2008 Nissan GT-R photos
We've just published twenty-four pictures of the Nissan GT-R running around the 'ring. Check them... more
Nissan GT-R -is it all that?
OK, you've read about the Nissan GT-R everywhere, including this website and in our magazine. So,... more
Nissan GT-R Official Police Car!!!
"We ensure your safety....in the fastest way!" That's the slogan on the side of the Nissan GT-R... more
Nissan GT-R: Tech marvel or overweight wonder-pig?
I was lucky enough to spend a complete day with the GT-R while it was in our fleet. I liked the car... more
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