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2010 Lotus Evora

2010 Lotus Evora Review

(4 Stars)  Exotic looks, performance to match

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The Evora is the antithesis of the Elise. Lotus has designed the Evora to be a more mature, more everyday friendly car. Not a dedicated two seater like the Exige and Elise, this is a 2 plus 2 configurations, large enough for two full sized adults to ride comfortably in. Thank in part to its' more softly sprung suspension, it is more comfortable to ride in especially over imperfect pavement. Entry and exit is much less of an exercise than with Lotus' other models. Lotus has muffled the engine on the Evora as well, making one occupant able to hear another while driving.

While the Evora follows the same Aluminum tub with steel sub fames and composite body panels equation that the Elise and Exige do, the added civility of this model have added nearly a thousand pounds to its curb weight. This necessitated the use of a more powerful engine to keep it from feeling bogged down. In this case, a Toyota source, 3.5 liter V-6 which makes 276 Hp and 258 Ft. Lbs of Torque manages to keep performance levels up despite the increase in weight.

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2010 Lotus Evora Reviews

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