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2010 Lotus Elise

2010 Lotus Elise Review

(4 Stars)  A ton – literally – of fun

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While the Elise was available for some time in Great Britain, it only came to US shores in 2004. It's certainly not a car to be driven every day; it's purity of design makes for a very Spartan, minimalist interior. Its suspension is tuned for the track and even ingress and egress from the cabin requires a fair degree of agility. And at full throttle, the cacophony from the engine bay and the exhaust will soon leave you unable to hear anything else.

In its element, however, this 2000 lb. roadster rewards its driver like few other cars can. It's very light weight, combines with its hugely stiff structure, give it the ability to carve back roads like a supercar. The Elise is built from a modular aluminum structure that is bonded and riveted together. Steel sub frames and composite body panels round out this package.

The power for this micro sports car comes from a Toyota sourced 1.8 liter four cylinder. While not the most imposing of engines, it doesn't' have much mass to pull around, so it still remains a very responsive option.

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