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2010 Lincoln Town Car

2010 Lincoln Town Car Review

(1 Stars)  So long, old friend

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The Town Car. The iconic Lincoln. It has been the go to vehicle for limousines and high end rental cars for many years. 2011 will be the final hurrah for this long in the tooth sedan. It remains the only car in its class that still uses the dated body on a frame design. It even sports a truck like solid rear axle.

Power and handling are both subpar compared with modern cars, though this doesn't seem to upset its very loyal customer base. The power it does make comes from a 4.6 liter, V-8 making 239 Hp and 287 Ft. – Lbs. of torque routing power to the rear wheels through a four speed automatic transmission. This combined with its rather prodigious fuel consumption, at 19 MPG combined economy continues to explain why this classic icon's time has come.

Appealing to its older, somewhat technophobic customer base, you won't find much in the way of modern options.

Not all is bad though, the Town Car is very roomy and a long wheelbase model can stretch this another 6 inches, mostly used as rear leg room.

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