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MPG: 14 city/18 hwy

2010 HUMMER H3

2010 HUMMER H3 Review

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The H3 is the third iteration of the original Hummer and each new model is more compact and cheaper. When GM took over the Hummer brand name they wanted to keep the style of the Hummer and still make it affordable to more people, so the smaller they go the cheaper it becomes. This Hummer is build on the standard GM midsized truck chassis and does offer some fairly powerful off-road options.

The big problem for the H3 is its excessive weight. The initial release of the H3 was very heavy and underpowered; this led to the release of the H3 Alpha that added a bigger V-8 engine to power the H3 much more competently. The H3 does not get good mileage and with the larger engine it even looses more MPG on the road. However, this vehicle was never intended to be a daily driver it was intended to be a dirt eating machine and it does that very well. This is the smallest in the lineup of Hummers from GM and is also the most affordable to date.

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