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MPG: 22 city/27 hwy
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2010 Ford Ranger

2010 Ford Ranger Review

(2 Stars)  Aged, but still capable

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The Ford Ranger has been around for some time and this classically designed small truck has not received any real design changes since 1998 and it is starting to show. This year will actually be the last year for the Ranger. Ford has already announced that it will be discontinued in 2011 after that years release. Even though the Ford Ranger has not seen many changes it is still a consistent seller for Ford and because of its favorable fuel economy it offers a great choice for those looking for a lot of external storage, some towing capability and a daily driver all in one.

The inline 4 cylinder motor is not a big powerful engine, but offers plenty of strength for the Rangers small size and makes the entry level models very affordable. The Ranger does not offer much when it comes to add-on features for the interior, but these barebones trucks are exactly what some consumers are looking for, a useable truck and at a great price. The Ranger start at under $18,000 and can be upgraded with a bigger V-6 engine and towing packages to make it even more durable and functional.

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