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2010 Ford Explorer

2010 Ford Explorer Review

(2 Stars)  New model is on the way

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The 2010 Ford Explorer is going to be the end of the standard Explorer models and will be discontinued at the end of the year. The essence of the Explorer will live on in some other models of trucks, but mostly just its namesake. Ford will be using the Explorer name on some of its newer Unibody crossover models, but they will be much less rugged and not truck-like at all. The latest generation of Ford Explorers received their last update in 2006 and has not had much new added since. The Explorer has been a solid 4 door truck offering a reasonable amount of towing power and 4WD since the early nineties and has been a great choice for any buyer looking for a entry level 4WD vehicle that offers a lot of interior room and luxuries ever since.

This midsized sports utility can seat up to seven passengers, but more like 5 comfortably. The engines and suspension used in these trucks are slightly outdated but still perform rather well. The Explorer does not get very good mileage and this is one reoccurring complaint about this model.

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