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Resale: $15,685
Value: Excellent Excellent
MPG: 21 city/26 hwy

2010 Ford Escape

2010 Ford Escape Review

(3 Stars)  Big SUV looks, small size

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The Ford Escape is a small sports utility vehicle and Ford has packed this second generation model with many great features. The Ford Escape was launched in 2008 and has many improvements in fuel economy and performance since. There are regular motors available in the Escape, but the Hybrid model has become the consumer favorite in the Escape lineup. The Escape hybrid offers over 30MPG in town and on the highway. For those who are looking for a stronger motor that is fully capable of towing and more, Ford offers a V-6 that will fit the bill.

This SUV is smaller and may look similar to some other crossover models this year, but it does offer much more durability in the off road driving scene. The Ford Edge really offers a lot in a smaller more maneuverable SUV package. This very versatile SUV starts at $21,600 and the hybrid model starts at$29.865. Both models are reminiscent of the older Ford Explorer model which offers a nice looking 4 door truck for anybody that loves the outdoors.

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