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2010 Ferrari California

2010 Ferrari California Review

(4 Stars)  If you like the looks, you'll love the drive

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The new California from Ferrari offers a 7 speed transmission that is build for performance coupled with a V-8 motor that make a perfect marriage of power and smooth acceleration. This model offers a retractable hardtop that makes it a great cruising vehicle for those that love to go with the top down.

This model has much of the Maranello design from the inside out and offers all the high end performance that you would expect to find in a Ferrari. The V-8 may be a smaller motor than found in most other Ferraris but it still manages to produce a worthy 454 horsepower from a 4.3 engine. This motor and transmission are all about torque and the put you back in your seat acceleration. This may not have the highest top speed of any Ferrari model, but when you are taking off from the starting line, there will be no disappointments.

The name of the car actually suits the vehicle very well. It would in fact be a great car to cruise the coast of California in. There are an amazing amount of colors and other customizations available on this and all other Ferraris.

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2010 Ferrari California Reviews

Driven: 2010 Ferrari California Driven: 2010 Ferrari California
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