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2010 Ferrari 599

2010 Ferrari 599 Review

(5 Stars)  One of the world's greatest supercars

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The Fiorano from Ferrari is another smaller car with jet like power from this well known supercar manufacturer. The Fiorano offers some of fastest performance of any model and is offering an engine that cranks out over 600 horsepower. This vehicle is made for intense speed and it delivers. The 0 – 60 rating is under four seconds and it can also propel you form 0 – 120 in about 10 seconds flat. This is one of the fastest cars on earth, which is sold to the public that is. Much of the engine technology used in this model is barrowed from Formula 1 motors and this shows when you sit in the driver's seat and touch the gas pedal.

The Ferrari 5999 GTB Fiorano has many high end mechanics that allow it to perform well under intense speed and sharp cornering, but he special magnetized suspension system is definitely one of the most advanced and functional additions to this model. Everything about this car has been refined to perfection and there is no substitution for the amazing design and engineering technology that the Ferrari team can provide.

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2010 Ferrari 599 Reviews

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