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Resale: $10,861
Value: Above Average Above Average
MPG: 21 city/30 hwy

2010 Dodge Avenger

2010 Dodge Avenger Review

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The Dodge Avenger has a whole lot of testosterone, at least in the design. This car really looks like it has some true grit and if you opt for the larger V-6 engine you may be able to give it a little bit of go-go juice to back up its tough looks with more than a smile. The Dodge Avenger is a very affordable midsized sedan and if you are not looking for high performance power train and engine options this is a great little car.

Since 2009 the interior of the Avenger has been upgraded and the stereo has also been re-tuned to bring a much fuller sound to the cabin of this car and less road noise. This car runs at high RPMs and thin can really be heard on the inside in the past models and this noise is almost unnoticeable now. The drawback of this great small passenger vehicle is that it really is underpowered and the base model does not come with even some of the most basic features that you would expect to include before they bump the sticker price. The base price on the newest Avenger is $20,230 and can grow really fast when you start adding on the extras that you will need to bring it up to par.

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