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Resale: $10,552
Value: Average Average
MPG: 21 city/30 hwy

2010 Chrysler Sebring

2010 Chrysler Sebring Review

(1 Stars)  Wait for the 2011 models

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The Chrysler Sebring was always struggling to be something that it was not. It wanted to be popular, sleek and fast and it simply was never any of these. The new leadership in Chrysler promises to bring some new ideas along with some big changes to the Chrysler Sebring. These much needed complete overhaul of the Sebring could not have come soon enough. Sergio Marchionne from Fiat has taken over this project, so you know that there will be some unique innovation and hopefully some drastic changes coming our way in the release of the 2011 Sebring.

This car used to have a lot of good features, ratings and buyers were hungry for what it would bring to them next. Somewhere along the way the Sebring lost what it had and the 2011 model is ready to redeem the Sebring name. Many critics and customers alike are anticipating this big launch and have nothing but promise and hope for what the new model will be like. If you want the most up to date information on what the new Sebring is going to be like, contact your local Chrysler dealer to stay informed.

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