Resale: $15,650
Value: N N/A
MPG: 16 city/24 hwy

2008 Volvo V70 Consumer Discussions

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Volvo V70 - No V-8, No "R"
Contrary to our earlier belief, we've been told that the Volvo V70 will not get the V-8 that is in... more
1998 Saab 900 vs. 1998 Volvo V70
I have the opportunity to trade my volvo v70 for a saab 900. Both are in good condition, I would... more
1998 Saab 900 vs. 1998 Volvo V70
More details please. Is the Saab a turbo or is it naturally aspirated? Also, what is the mileage on... more
Top 10 Hot Wagons
Seems like the Volvo V70R should have made the grade over the subie: 300HP, 300 ft-lbs, AWD, & 6... more
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