Resale: N/A
Value: N N/A
MPG: 14 city/21 hwy

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Best looking new car on sale today?
1. Aston V8 2. Audi S8 3. Cobalt SS 4. Toyota Yaris 5. RS4 Cabriolet 6. MB CLS 7. S5 8. BMW X6 9.... more
A5 vs S5 convertible
I'm looking to sell my 2003 M3 convertible with a S3 Dinan upgrades and move to either the A5 2.0... more
Best luxury midsize?
i have been going through a similar process of elimination over the last 2 months and am weary of... more
Best looking new car on sale today?
Interesting list svxSTI... My comments... -V8 Vantage -stunning, wonderful, perfect... more
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