Resale: $30,424
Value: N N/A
MPG: N/A city/N/A hwy

2007 BMW M6 Consumer Discussions

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BMW M6 to get manual transmission, too!
You've all heard that the BMW M5 is now available with a 6-speed manual. Well, inside sources tell... more
Geneva Auto Salon: 2008 BMW M3 - FULL STORY!
Idiot Boy, BMW has put side vents on its M cars for years, and the M3's look much like those... more
Our five best/worst choices of the 25 beautiful cars feature
Sorry, but on a number of your picks, you got oh-so-close but missed. Jag: no XJ has ever radiated... more
Cars that just don't make sense to me...
I test drove the M6 coupe and I thought it was odd. BMW has one of my favorite steering wheel... more
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