Resale: $12,517
Value: N N/A
MPG: N/A city/N/A hwy

2006 Infiniti G35 Consumer Discussions

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2007 Infiniti G35 - Inching closer to the 3-series?
Click here for our full Infiniti G35 story. Read the full story at the above address and tell us... more
Infiniti G35/G37 Seat Question
I have been wanting an Infiniti G35 for a loooonnnnggg time. The time has finally come and will be... more
Infiniti G35/G37 Seat Question
Recently tested the new G35 and was VERY impressed with the seats. Good bolsters. Nice leather. ... more
Infiniti G35Xs Tracking
I own a 2008 G35Xs and find that the front end tends to "wander" ,particularly with uneven... more
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