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2006 BMW M5

2006 BMW M5 Review

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We're at Frstenfeldbruck airfield, a stone's throw from the famous Munich Hofbrauhaus. We're number three in a row of silver M5s, waiting to try out launch control, one of the many techno toys on BMW's latest bersedan. To get into LC mode, you need to select S for sequential, dial in the fastest of six shift speeds, deactivate stability control, push the shift lever forward, and hold it there. Now floor the throttle, wait until the tach needle hovers around 4000 rpm, release the lever, and brace yourself for a stunning launch. The BMW lifts its nose, squats on its haunches, and spins the rear tires in a relatively controlled mix of grip and blue-gray smoke. Before you can breathe out, the computer whips into second gear at 8250 rpm sharp, then third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh. That's right: seventh. This is the first car in the world to have a sequential manual transmission with seven forward ratios. About two-thirds of the way down the airstrip, the M5 closes us down at an indicated 168 mph. Although it could exceed 190 mph easily, BMW decided to stick to the German industry's voluntary restriction of 155 mph, although the speedometer reads a bit optimistically.

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