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2002 Honda CR-V

2002 Honda CR-V Review

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Nemacolin, Pennsylvania - The 1996 launch of the Toyota RAV4 defined and legitimized the mini-SUV segment, but it took the 1997 Honda CR-V to refine the concept. As the second-generation CR-V debuts this fall, a year after the RAV4 redux, it's still hard to think about one without the other. Where the RAV4 remains cheeky and irreverent, emphasizing style and tossability over utility and comfort, the CR-V is once again bigger, more practical, and more sensible, if heavier and slightly more sedate than the RAV4. Compared with the old one, the new CR-V includes a gutsier engine, greater refinement, and a roomier cabin. The bad news is that the package is wrapped in the equivalent of a brown paper bag, whereas the RAV4's skin is like what you'd see folded around a kid's birthday gift. And while the CR-V looks beefier than it did, overall, its exterior is simply a more interesting expression of blandness.

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