Resale: $6,737
Value: N N/A
MPG: 22 city/27 hwy

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toyota rav 4 grumbling
I have a 2007 rav 4 awd which is making a grumbling or vibrating nois. This is most noticably at... more
toyota rav 4 grumbling
Oh, you must be mistaken, it's a Toyota so how could anything at all be wrong with it. Sorry for... more
Top 10 lists over the years
Bad, BAD pick: Toyota RAV4. Nearly canceled my subscription over that one. Sure it turned out to be... more
Top 10 lists over the years
Here is the 'Automobile of the Year' for each year: 1990: Mazda Miata 1991: Acura NSX 1992:... more
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