Resale: $2,672
Value: N N/A
MPG: 18 city/25 hwy

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Ford to broaden Mustang lineup?
Do you think Ford will really build a Mustang sedan or wagon? They do need a (late) response to the... more
FoMoCo kisses Mercury goodbye. Will anybody miss Mercury now?
Yeah they tarnished it pretty bad. Ford never seems to get the names right. The new Ford Fusion... more
Mercedes-Benz CLS police car by Brabus is bad-ass.
I don't have a picture yet of the police car recommended if there is no hope left, but I know for a... more
Which Car/Truck Should Retire or Be Replaced??
Austin.CooperI believe Chrysler does have plans ax or revise the PT Cruiser. The Sebring is in... more
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